Real Estate Professionals

For every luxury community featured on our site, we appoint an exclusive real estate professional as our preferred agent for the community.

Our Preferred Agent Program connects the preferred agent with qualified prospects visiting our site interested in the homes or other real estate in the community.


Become a Preferred Agent

Luxury Gated Communities is adding the finest residential communities and looking for real estate professionals that specialize in selling luxury homes within these luxury gated communities.

As a Preferred Agent you'll enjoy:

• An Exclusive Presence

• Extraordinary Exposure

• Unlimited Referrals

• No Pay per Lead

• No Commission Share

• A Special Introductory Price

How our program works:

As a preferred agent in our program you keep your license with your real estate company and we display your profile on our website as the specialist in the community.

Buyers or sellers visiting the “community” page on our website link to your website to see all homes for sale/rent in the community and are only able to contact you. You work exclusively with the prospective buyer or seller and assist them with all their real estate needs.

If the prospect buys or sells a property with you as their agent, you keep all the commission that you entitled too. Luxury Gated Communities does not participate in the transaction whatsoever. You simply pay us a monthly or annual subscription fee to be the preferred agent in the community and you get all the exposure and leads.

There is no easier, more affordable and unique way to market yourself and all the properties listed for sale in the luxury gated community that you specialize in.

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Real Estate Professional - Community Agent

Capture More Business. Get More Buyers. Sell More Real Estate

Get exceptional exposure and exclusivity as a Luxury Gated Community Specialist in our Preferred Agent Program.


As a preferred agent in our program. Buyers visiting the "Community" page on our website will link to your website to see all homes for sale/rent in the community. Buyers will only be able to contact you!


By optimizing pages that contain your links on our website we help to increase your websites ranking by passing page rank to each of your linked website pages. This will increase engagement and page views on your website and directly boost your website’s search engine ranking and amount of traffic it gets.


Community Agents - Preferred Agent

Real Estate Community Agents Preferred Agent Program


Real Estate Professionals


Program Features Include:


Only 1 x Preferred Agent is each luxury gated community. All real estate search in the luxury community takes place on your website. Buyers can only contact you.

Professional setup of search engine optimized Community page with multiple links to your Website including Keyword Text, URLs, Images, Google Map and Contact Information.

Rotational presence on "Home" page with a link back to the “Community” page.

Permanent inclusion in City and State Luxury Gated Community Search with link back to the "Community" page.

Optimize content pages and targeted keywords for higher ranking in search engines.

Inclusion in Luxury Gated Communities media channels, broadcasts, press releases and syndication's.


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