Find below a list of questions and answers about Luxury Gated Communities

Why are some of the best communities in my city absent on your site?

LuxuryGatedCommunities.com is a growing site with new luxury communities added daily. To provide you you the most comprehensive list of the finest luxury communities in your city including up-to-date community information and valuable insights about a community we rely for the most part on professionals in the area. At times, we in the process of collecting all the information we need and a few days away from adding a particular community to the site. At other times, the difficulty is, sourcing all the information about the community or the information we have simply doesn’t meet our quality standards. On occasions too, we may have no knowledge of a community. So please, if you would like us to consider adding a community and/or would like to contribute information about a community let us know. We certainly will make every effort to include those luxury communities that you expect to find.

When will you be including communities in my city?

While we adding communities to the site daily, rolling out in new cities takes a little more time. When launching in a new city we like to add a number of communities at the same time and have them represented by the top real estate specialists. We want you to be able to find comprehensive information on each community so you can thoroughly research your options when choosing your preferred community and lifestyle. If you would like us to add luxury gated communities in a particular city, let us know, we will certainly look to include those cities that our site visitors want first.

Why use our Preferred Real Estate Agent for the Community?

The real estate agent that we have appointed specializes in helping buyers and sellers in the community. They have an extensive knowledge of the community and expertise in the real estate. They are professionals who can provide you the facts on what to look out for and what to keep away from when it comes to finding your perfect home in the community. Whats more, their help is free. There is no cost to you to use the preferred real estate agent for the community. The real estate agent that assists you to find your home is paid by the seller.

Does LuxuryGatedCommunities.com make money if I purchase a home through the agent for the community?

No! LuxuryGatedCommunities.com nor any of our related or affiliated companies is compensated via referral fees. We do not earn any real estate commission from the agent for the community or any real estate agent for that matter. We simply want to put you in direct contact with the right agent in the community one we believe can truly benefit you to be successful in your community home search process.

How does LuxuryGatedCommunities.com make money?

For every luxury community featured on our site, we look to appoint a real estate professional as our preferred agent for the community. We make money from advertisers including advertising fees from preferred agents who pay us an annual subscription fee.

Why are people saying the community information you provide is the best?

We certainly love to hear that! We believe there are number of reasons. Besides the wealth of information and the unique insights that we make easily accessible. We constantly researching and updating our information for every community. We see it as our duty to provide people the most useful up to date information that we feel can help them be more informed and get a better picture of their lifestyle options.

We also believe one of the biggest advantages of using our website is that we are not a brokerage company, and do participate in the real estate commission nor are we affiliated, endorsed or otherwise connected to any developer or community so the information we make available to you is truly objective and unbiased.

Finally, we know from the positive feedback that we have received from people that use our site that being able to find all the information in one place and being able to connect directly with a top agent has truly been beneficial to them.

Does LuxuryGatedCommunities.com publish or sell my contact information?

Absolutely not! The information you provide us is sent to the real estate agent who specializes in the community or area where you have expressed an interest.

LuxuryGatedCommunities.com very much respects your privacy, and is committed to protecting it. You can find our Privacy Policy here.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy you can contact us through the Website or via email here.

Is LuxuryGatedCommunities.com free to use?

Yes! LuxuryGatedCommunities is free to use and will always be. You can find our Terms of Use here.